Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SoL vs Militia..the confusion continues.

the pre-revolutionary anti-British forces here in America..the Sons of Liberty, among others...
did not represent the Militia in their actions or politics.

many of them were MEMBERS of the local militias..as were most able-bodied men of the time. but that is not the same thing as saying the SoL WERE the militia. the militia were EVERYONE. the SoL and other such groups were only a small percentage of that.

why do I bring this up?

because individuals, and even groups of individuals, can have whatever political or religious beliefs they like. but they do not represent the militia in those beliefs.

the unorganized militia should never have been used as part of any political or religious cause. it's members, acting on their own, certainly can. but there should be a boundary between the two.

remember..the MILITIA is not a rebel organization until AFTER it starts getting shot at.

the Sons of Liberty...well..they have no such restrictions.

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