Thursday, August 27, 2009

community defense..or why the militia movement needs to start over

the true nature, and original purpose of militias was community step forward to assist and defend our fellow citizens in an emergency.

unfortunately, we have allowed too many people with political axes to grind to lead the militia movement, such as conspiracy theorists, religious zealots, racists, anti-tax activists, ect ect... none of which has anything to do with community defense.

the militia movement needs to be dismantled and reassembled or we need to start over. we need to remove these barnacles from the hull, or we will surely sink.

how many people have left the movement, because of these political issues, that they did not want anything to do with? quite a lot, I think. they joined for the original purpose we had put defense, so that we would not have to rely on the state or federal government for assistance in a disaster (natural or man-made). what they got when they arrived was something far different, more like a political rally than a community defense meeting. this SHOULD have been unacceptable. no member of a community, who had been motivated to assist in it's defense, should have been subjected to any of that.

if we can't clean up our act and get back onto our original mission, we are doomed to extinction. those of you that have these other political goals....they don't belong in the militia movement. you are welcome, but leave them at home.

if you can't leave them at home, then stay home.