Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the "army model" and why it's bad news

the current model that is being put forth for a "legal militia" here in NH is flawed. this is the US Army model. which I from what I can tell was designed for draftees in the 1960's and hasn't really been revised.

I don't think they have used this system on purpose. honestly I don't think the organizers know any other way (being ex-career army). which is part of the problem. we are NOT the army.

the regular (non-special forces) army model is based on the assumption that backups exist and will, for the most part, be available. this is the flaw in using the army system. the militia has no backups. no supply chain. no artillery. no air support. no evac helicopters, medical or otherwise. no ANYTHING. we will be forced to improvise everything..because "comshaw" and "junkyard wars"-style supply will be the only way we will get what we need, when we need it.

for this, we do not need an ARMY mindset. we need a SEABEE mindset. which is....get the job done. I don't care how. you don't have to be "pretty" just effective. improvise or comshaw what's needed. just GET IT DONE. unit structure, discipline, and training should reflect this. an army model reflects an inherent resistance to adapt quickly, or adopt local standards and customs.

throw out the army model. I understand some of you are going to it like an old security blanket. but you need to look at what's needed and available, and structure accordingly.

(side note..militia commanders should NOT be excited about the prospect of dress uniforms or parades. EVER. we're not here to be pretty. we're not here to go to the governor's ball and show off medals. we're here to get a job done and GO HOME.)

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  1. Get the job done and go home - sounds a lot like the credo of the Green Mountain boys, and a hellova lot of other citizen soldiers who lay down their farm implements or closed their shops, took their arms and got the job done - then went home to get on with life.