Monday, December 13, 2010

Justice Breyer on 2nd Amendment: If You Live in DC & Like Shooting Guns You Can Go to Maryland

so, according to justice breyer, rights are GEOGRAPHIC. so long as they exist somewhere else, they can't be violated.

eventually there will be a 10X10ft area somewhere near washington DC that will be a "free rights zone" where you can publish what you want, say what you want, own a gun, require a warrant for a search, ect. but everywhere else these things will be banned.

why near washington? because tyrants can't stand freedom they don't control. justice breyer is ok with that. in his mind, so long as there is someplace you can exercise your rights, it's all constitutional.

will someone please take a generator to mt.vernon? George Washington is spinning so fast, we may as well get some electricity from it.