Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cranky old man complains lack of attention

Carl Bussjaeger...whom I had never heard of before yesterday...claims he sent a request to Jack Kimball to fill out his survey.

first he says he used the "contact form" on the website twice. then he says he used the "contact form" once and e-mail once. then he complains when I ask him to clarify which is the actual method he used, and says I am accusing him of malice or incompetence.

I can't help you unless you get your story straight, sir. I can't diagnose the problem until I know the circumstances surrounding it. I AM accusing him of not really trying, and then laying the blame on anyone but himself. jack is VERY accessible. I contact him via his e-mail and he contacts me back usually in less than a day, and I barely know the man.

in all carl's acting like a cranky old man who isn't getting the attention he likes. and throwing a fit that the well-funded, well-connected GO-NH gets jack to fill out THEIR survey and not his...which is almost the same as the GO-NH survey.

membership of GO-NH = 100,000+
readership of crankyguy's blog = who knows.

pretty simple math there.