Tuesday, March 5, 2013

intellectual honesty, projection, and the numbers game.

"the government can regulate weapons because it's illegal for you to own nuclear weapons, rocket launchers, howitzers, and attack aircraft!"

people like this probably know the difference between artillery and arms. they're using it to justify their fears. they're afraid. afraid of what they might do with such equipment. and as such, to think of themselves as "normal", they projects that onto others. and since "normal people would go wild and just start destroying things for no reason", well..we all have to suffer for their lack of self control. at least, that's how they rationalizes it.

well, understand this..you're not normal. if that were normal human behavior, we'd be living in the middle of a perpetual war zone. we are one of the most heavily armed nations on the planet. and yet any violent shooting is national news BECAUSE it's so unusual. if you don't trust yourself with guns..don't buy guns. same way if you don't trust yourself with a multi-thousand pound gas-burning projectile with 4 wheels that kills more people than guns do..that would be a CAR,...don't buy one.

right now they're playing a dangerous game. you want to take away guns from people who mean you no harm, and in fact would probably help you if you were in trouble. many of those people have military training. all of those people have shown near-infinite levels of patience with being accused of being the worst sorts of people on the planet.

how long do you think that patience will last? how long can you poke a sleeping wolverine with a stick, before you will need surgical assistance removing it from parts of your anatomy?

run the numbers. if only 3% of gun owners stand up and say no, we outnumber all of local, state, and federal law enforcement AND the entire department of defense. that's an awful small percentage of gun owners. do you think we can come up with just 3% who are more interested in leaving a future to their children and grandchildren that is free of fascist ideas than they are in their own short-term safety and comfort? walk into any VFW or American Legion hall and announce that they're rounding up gun owners, and see how many old men stand up and tell you "not on my watch, they're not".

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