Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a tree with no roots, cannot stand in the slightest breeze

I have posted many times here about the self-destructive nature of the modern militia movement.

in doing so, I have been branded a traitor, a turncoat, and a quitter.

the opposite is true. I want us to be able to operate effectively, to do what we are supposed to do, both constitutionally, and in our communities.

we cannot, from the outset, be a revolutionary or rebel organization. we must crawl before we walk. walk before we run.

the militia in the early colonies was NOT a rebel organization..it was for community defense. it didn't become a rebel organization until AFTER they started getting shot at.

early on, the only effective units learned from the british. most of the other units were poorly equipped or drilled. few had any military experience at all. this was mostly the fault of the communities they came from..either too poor to get the proper equipment or indifferent to the town's defense. thus, much later the term "well regulated militia" became important. a poorly trained or equipped militia was better than none at all..but against a determined foe it amounted to little more than a speed bump.

like a tree, we must have strong roots to survive the storms. we MUST have a strong connection to, and the trust of the communities we seek to serve. in other words..well regulated. not just in what gear we carry but what experience and backing we can rely on in our hour of need. when the time comes, that connection and trust will be the surest armor the constitution ever had.

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